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Best Hotels for Business Travel Birmingham

22 July 2019
As a major city in England’s West Midlands Region, Birmingham serves as a popular travel destination showing the UK’s second highest growth in international visits after the North West. Most notably, this region attracts a significant number of...

Evaluating the success of your travel programme

25 June 2019
As an expert in corporate travel, CTM understands the ins and outs of designing a travel programme that best fits businesses’ travel needs and expectations. While immense time and effort goes into the creation of these meticulously-planned...

Designing an SME travel programme

25 June 2019
They say the backbone of the British economy is small business. In fact, according to recent Federation of Small Businesses data, small businesses account for 99.3% of all private sector businesses in the UK and 99.9% are considered small or...

Cleaning Up your Travel Programme

04 June 2019
Does your business have sustainability targets in place? Do you offer correct waste disposal systems and encourage paperless alternatives? While these methods are all making a difference, you may not realise that the biggest sustainable leakage has...

Planning an incentive trip to Tokyo

29 May 2019
Incentive travel is an integral part of CTM’s internal business, and with a culture of values - Recognise to Reward being one of them -  it’s important that these incentives reflect the calibre of people that make up our team. Recently, CTM’s...

CTM Celebrates 25th Birthday!

20 May 2019
To celebrate CTM's 25th birthday in 2019, we've compiled the highlights of our first 25 years in business, as seen through the eyes of our employees and industry partners. View our birthday flip book here - click [full screen] to expand:

The future of hotels

03 May 2019
What will the hospitality industry look like in a few years' time? A recent report predicts that the rise of tech-augmented services, unique loyalty systems and the end of ‘room types’ will be the main disruptors for the industry in the years ahead....

Benefits of having a flexible work policy

24 April 2019
Did you know that the average UK employee spends 400 days of their life commuting to work? With statistics like this, it’s not surprising that 8 out of 10 workers would opt for flexible work should the opportunity be presented to them. While the...

Incorporating wellbeing into your travel policy

24 April 2019
Think about your most recent trip away, for holiday or work. Did you cook healthy meals? Get plenty of sleep? Keep up your gym routine? Most likely, you let these good habits slip, and on an irregular basis there’s nothing wrong with doing so. But...

Flying responsibly

23 April 2019
Two airlines making headway with sustainability targets – Qantas and United – are profiled here as champions for the industry. Gillian Upton reports. Originally published in Event Matters, ETM's bi-annual event industry magazine. The hospitality...
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