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What to consider before engaging a Travel Management Company

02 October 2019
There’s much to consider when looking to upgrade your travel management provider, or transition to your first managed travel management programmeme; from supplier buying power to technology solutions, accessibility of support teams and speed of...

Guide to submitting an RFP for travel management

26 September 2019
The time has come to get serious about your company’s business travel, and whether it’s due to an increased number of travellers or more complex itineraries, engaging the right Travel Management Company (TMC) from the get-go is important for both...

Reduce spend with supplier management

26 September 2019
Organising business travel can be a time-consuming and costly affair. With flights to arrange, often at the last minute, as well as accommodation bookings and transport on the ground, how can companies of all sizes ensure they are getting the best...

Business Travel Guide to Brisbane

26 September 2019
Over the past few years, Australia’s third-most-populous city has undergone a radical cultural shift thanks to the opening of new hotels, bars, restaurants and event spaces which have helped to elevate the city to a similar standing as its southern...

Best Hotels for Business Travel Glasgow

26 September 2019
Following years of strategic investment into Glasgow’s cultural and sports scene, the city is today recognised as a leading events destination across the UK. As a reflection of its impressive status, the Glasgow hotel market has recently welcomed a...

Hotel Programmes: Where is the value?

28 August 2019
Too many people consider hotel accommodation a ‘sunk cost’ of business travel – but it shouldn’t be that way. Accommodation is a key part of our clients’ travel spend and we have the technology and expertise to help them accurately identify savings...

Best Hotels for Business Travel Manchester

28 August 2019
Known as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester remains a well-established hub for business travellers around the world. Recognised for its music and sporting culture, the city has hosted major global events such as the Commonwealth...

Hotel bookings: Why lowest price doesn't always mean the most cost-effective.

28 August 2019
Travel bookers should consider the inclusions for hotel bookings, not just the cheapest price, says CTM Europe’s Supplier Relations Partnership Manager, Rebecca Bardsley. For many cost-conscious travel bookers, choosing a hotel based on lowest price...

Best Hotels for Business Travel Birmingham

22 July 2019
As a major city in England’s West Midlands Region, Birmingham serves as a popular travel destination showing the UK’s second highest growth in international visits after the North West. Most notably, this region attracts a significant number of...

Evaluating the success of your travel programme

25 June 2019
As an expert in corporate travel, CTM understands the ins and outs of designing a travel programme that best fits businesses’ travel needs and expectations. While immense time and effort goes into the creation of these meticulously-planned...
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