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CTM Technology Highlights 2019

25 November 2019
CTM is committed to providing customers with solutions that better serve their travel needs. To demonstrate this commitment, we are continually developing and enhancing our own suite of leading travel technology. In a 12-month period, the CTM tech...

Sustainability in Travel: 2020 Outlook

25 November 2019
At CTM’s recent Supplier Speed Dating event, themed ‘Sustainable Travel’, we were thrilled to learn of the exciting initiatives our suppliers are working on to provide more sustainable business travel experiences for our clients. While the concept...

Travel Technology Trends: 2020 and beyond

25 November 2019
Innovation and new technologies are changing the way we plan, travel and experience our trips. As a business traveller, it is ideal to stay up to date on the latest travel technology trends which may bring you heightened experiences in business...

Reducing the stress of business travel

19 November 2019
Whether it be delayed flights, long layovers or constant meals on-the-go, travel can be a stressful experience for many. With the added stress of keeping up with work tasks while away, a seamless travel experience is essential to ensure that...

Best Hotels for Business Travel Edinburgh

18 November 2019
With one of the largest tourism industries in the UK and high hotel occupancy rates year-round, it’s not surprising that Edinburgh topped the charts for best regional city for hotel investment in 2018. Hosting more international visitors than any...

Built to Perform: Sport Travel Management by CTM

31 October 2019
In an age of HD live-streaming, mobile betting apps and more pressingly, Twitter, the stakes of professional sporting events have never been so high. With millions of eyes inspecting each pass, tackle and point from countless angles and...

Premium Economy in 2019 - Is it worth it?

22 October 2019
2019 was dubbed the ‘year of premium economy’, but did it live up to its expectations? Depending on your corporate travel policy, Premium Economy can be a preferred option for short-haul or frequent travel, offering added comfort to standard Economy...

Virtual Payments: Best Practice for Business Travel

22 October 2019
Around 85-90% of CTM customers are using virtual card programmes, and the odds suggest you are probably one of them. But do you really know the benefits of using these seamless solutions, and are you aware of the challenges specific to the corporate...

What to consider before engaging a Travel Management Company

02 October 2019
There’s much to consider when looking to upgrade your travel management provider, or transition to your first managed travel management programme; from supplier buying power to technology solutions, accessibility of support teams and speed of...

Guide to submitting an RFP for travel management

26 September 2019
The time has come to get serious about your company’s business travel, and whether it’s due to an increased number of travellers or more complex itineraries, engaging the right Travel Management Company (TMC) from the get-go is important for both...
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