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What to consider before engaging a Travel Management Company

There’s much to consider when looking to upgrade your travel management provider, or transition to your first managed travel management programmeme; from supplier buying power to technology solutions, accessibility of support teams and speed of implementation. Here we outline what companies should always consider when engaging a new TMC.

Innovation and technology is invaluable

When it comes to changing TMCs, the primary focus for most businesses is on finding market-leading technology that is the best fit for their systems. Through our continuous feedback loops, we understand businesses are looking for a streamlined, intuitive and positive end-user experience for their travellers and bookers. CTM have developed and work with technology solutions that offer just that by integrating easily with existing systems. They also provide relevant information at the user’s fingertips, allowing them to make informed decisions. Our development process and ability to support multiple technology solutions is also important, meaning CTM customers are never stuck with outdated systems.

TMCs should offer more than just ‘cheap’ travel

Businesses of all sizes should be looking for greater transparency and an identifiable Return on Investment (ROI) when engaging a TMC.

“A TMC should always understand the overall business objectives of the organisation and look to help the customer align their travel programme and policies to these objectives.”

For example, at CTM we ask questions and consider factors such as: “Is the organisation in a cost-cutting focus stage or are they looking at expansion and employee satisfaction to retain and attract high-quality employees?” This information not only helps us to assist in developing a tailored travel policy, it demonstrates our ability to deliver the services our customers need in line with their specific objectives. CTM also offers ongoing support through our Account Managers who proactively offer strategic advice and analysis to identify opportunities in travel programmes where cost savings and process efficiencies can be made. These ensure CTM is always the best value for money.

Service is key

Service always should be of utmost importance to companies who are looking to engage or change TMCs. It is vital to select a TMC who can deliver highly personalised service at all times, particularly in regard to VIPs and Executives. CTM’s personalised service begins at implementation. To assist this process, we offer fully tailored training sessions for each customer - either face-to-face or virtual – based on size and internal travel management processes. The service and support do not end once implementation is complete. We also offer ongoing support for our customers post “go-live” through follow-up refresher training sessions in line with their requirements.

Robust implementation capabilities

Knowing that the implementation process will be as seamless and painless as possible is front of mind for businesses. New customers work with our dedicated implementation team, who focus solely on delivering an efficient process. They work on all aspects of implementation including developing a transition-out plan to assist them in moving from an incumbent TMC. A typical CTM implementation usually takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks, however, we can expedite this process if required. Where possible we will work with our customer’s timelines and tailor our plan around them. It is all part of CTM’s commitment to service.

Nothing should be behind closed doors

At CTM we believe you should understand exactly how your TMC’s consultants and account managers are financially remunerated or incentivised. This will ensure their behaviours and recommendations are driven by your best interests. They should also be able to reference past customers and provide examples, not only on what the TMC has delivered but also how this was achieved. CTM’s consultants do not work on commission or incentives so customers can rest assured they are not swayed to endorse one solution over another. Our CTM team is also happy to provide real examples and case studies to demonstrate a range of personalised solutions we have offered and the results we have achieved.

If your business is looking to engage or change TMC contact CTM today for an obligation-free review of your travel programme. CONTACT US:


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