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Top 7 Healthy Travel Snacks

Have you ever been sitting on an airplane with your stomach gurgling or driving through the middle of nowhere with no place to grab a bite to eat? Or worse, sitting in a meeting you have flown three time zones to participate in and you’re having a hard time focusing because your stomach thinks it lunch time? Between changes in time zones, tight flight connections and nonstop action upon arrival to your destination, eating can be a challenge when you are on the road.

Healthy_Travel_Snacks_Fruit.jpgA study done by Cornell University discovered that when hungry, people are more likely to select unhealthy food.  The “hungry” group used in this study fasted for only five hours. It is pretty easy to go five hours without eating while you are traveling or working with a client. And, it may be tempting to grab an unhealthy snack like crisps or a chocolate bar while you are on the run.  To avoid putting yourself in this situation, I suggest planning ahead and packing healthy snacks. I have compiled a list of my favorite healthy travel snacks that do not need to be refrigerated.


Top 7 List of Healthy (non-refrigerated) Travel Snacks

  1. Fresh Fruit: Fresh fruit is an easy, healthy and portable travel snack. Even better news, fruit is becoming more readily available in almost every airport and convenience stores nationwide. Fruit is also easy to pack so if you prefer to pack your own food, grab a few apples and throw them in your bag. 

  2. Fruit & Nut Bars: These bars are a travel staple for me. I prefer KIND bars, but if you cannot find KIND bars, look for a bar with whole food ingredients (no added sugar or chemicals). Since the bar is not a meal replacement, you need to find one that is 300 calories or less.  I always keep one in my laptop bag and if I am driving over two hours I take one in the car.

  3. Fresh Juice Smoothie: Smoothies are a great way to get your nutrients on the go. I suggest checking the ingredients prior to ordering to ensure you are ordering a smoothie with whole fruit (not fruit juice) and minimal ingredients (no ice cream!). Many smoothie shops offer add-ins, such as protein powder or a wheat grass shot. I recommend adding protein powder to your smoothie to balance it out.

  4. Healthy_Travel_Snacks_Nuts.jpgNuts: I realize most airlines provide peanuts in flight but they are not necessarily the best choice when it comes to nuts- especially the honey roasted due to the added sugar.  I suggest getting almonds or pistachios. If you purchase one of those large bags at the airport be sure to follow the serving sizes. You can also purchase a large bag of nuts
    and then portion out the serving sizes into baggies to take with you. 

  5. Nut Butter: Almond butter and hazelnut butter are another obsession of mine. First of all- both are SO good for you. Second of all- they taste WAY better than peanut butter. There are a few companies that sell single serving size packets that are perfect to carry with you during travel. I enjoy spreading nut butter onto bananas. Why? Just try it, trust me.

  6. Jerky: Whether you prefer beef, chicken, turkey or bison, jerky is filled with protein and easy to grab on the go. It is best to find an all-natural brand that is free of chemicals. Also, keep an eye on the sodium per serving, some brands of jerky are very high in sodium.

  7. Healthy_Travel_Snacks_Protein_Bars.jpgProtein Bars: Protein bars are a great snack on the go. Before buying your protein bar, check the nutritional information to make sure there is not added sugar. Some protein bars end up having more sugar than a candy bar. Your protein bar should also have 20g or more of protein.




Business Travel Life
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Kristina Portillo, CPT, MS

Founder, BusinessTravelLife.com


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