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CTM marks 25 years in business travel

23 January 2019
Corporate Travel Management reaches an exciting milestone in 2019 as the global travel management company celebrates its 25th birthday. Founder and Managing Director Jamie Pherous couldn’t be prouder of the company’s epic journey from Australian...

Travel Programme Trends 2019

23 January 2019
    2019 is shaping up to be another big year in business travel. Business travellers will be empowered with more choice and personalisation than ever before. Data and artificial intelligence are driving radical change in corporate travel technology...

2018 – A year in business travel

17 December 2018
As 2018 draws to an end, we are thrilled to recap some of our highlights from the year gone by, and to share some insights into the year ahead. CTM would like to thank our valued customers, partners and employees for their continued support in...

How to survive hotel RFP season

26 November 2018
As you work through your annual hotel review and RFP process, CTM suggests incorporating procurement strategy, traveller feedback loops, comprehensive reporting data, and emerging industry trends into your hotel RFP process to ensure the health of...

How a great culture benefits customers

26 November 2018
The value of great company culture How important is having a strong corporate culture to your workplace and what role does it play in developing business partnerships? While it is common sense to assume that happy employees lead to happy customers,...

How agile development is transforming business travel.

11 October 2018
How agile development is transforming business travel Technology resides at the heart of the corporate travel experience. When applied successfully, it delivers value and productivity to organisations, while also enhancing the individual traveller’s...

The Most Unique Airports in Transit

20 September 2018
From humble post-war beginnings, commercial airports have continued to evolve from simple passenger processing facilities to include shopping centers, business centers and even entertainment hubs. Our fascination with travel has even spawned films...

Maximising your airport experience

10 September 2018
Getting through the airport can be a time-consuming process at the best of times. Navigating security, passport control and the inevitable human traffic are simply a part of modern business travel. However, by following a few guidelines you could...

Round-the-clock reassurance

01 August 2018
Corporate travel never sleeps. At any moment all over the world, countless business travellers are on the move, catching flights, checking in to hotels, squeezing in some work while waiting in transit. When you’re away from loved ones, fulfilling...

Tips for ensuring data security when travelling for business

05 July 2018
If you’ve been checking your emails lately, you may have noticed a higher than usual amount of privacy policy updates from companies all over the world. With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations now in place across the UK and...
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