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Insights: Staying productive during business travel

When business travel takes you away from the office and your home, the break in your normal routine can also mean a break in your normal productivity levels. Changing your sleeping environment, diverting from your meal habits and leaving the comforts of your workspace can leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained before you even get started.

Despite the hustle (and hassle), travelling for work can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. At its core, travel is a great way to see the world and experience a new culture.

We’ve shared our top tips on how to stay connected, productive and energised at every stage of your journey!

Business Travel

 Prepare your team

  • Meet with your team for status updates and deadlines, let them know how you would like to be contacted while you’re away and share your schedule with them.

Travel smart

  • What is the dress code for your trip?
  • Is the dress code the same for all the events, or will you need a versatile wardrobe/change of attire?
  • How long are you away for?
  • What is the weather going to be like at your destination?

Top Tips:

  • Pack netural colours - much easier to mix and match 
  • Roll a belt up and place in the collar of shirts to help maintain the shape
  • Pack heavier items in the base of the luggage

The technology you take acts as your personal assistant (if you need any advice on the best business travel apps, click here). Keep in mind that recent airline policies may limit what you can carry on board with you, so if you aren’t planning on any big writing projects, rethink packing your laptop – perhaps a smartphone and tablet will do.

Schedule your flights strategically to minimise jetlag – If you can sleep easily on planes, book an overnight flight so that you can fully utilise the full day when you land.

Business Travel


  • In-flight Wi-Fi is now offered on most flights; however, the speed and quality differ between different airlines. Don’t waste time on slow wi-fi connections, if it isn’t working – make the most of the downtime and detach. For more information on what airlines offer Wi-Fi service, check out our airline in-flight wi-fi cheat sheet here.
  • Bring a book, Travel Magazine or download some podcasts to keep your mind active and catch up on some study.

Between flights

  • If you have a long stopover, make the most of your time by setting up a workspace in your airline’s business lounge. If you aren’t flying business class, some airlines are now offering paid entry to their lounges at some airports. Do your research before your trip to see if you can purchase access to business lounge facilities.

When driving

  • If your journey involves a long car journey, schedule any phone calls back-to-back. When hiring a car, ask for a vehicle with a good quality Bluetooth or hands-free system.

At your hotel

  • Always check the wi-fi capability and business facilities at your hotel in advance. Look for hotels that offer desk space in their rooms or a specific business work area. Choose a hotel that offers a gym or fitness centre, keeping fit and active during your stay will keep your mind and body active while you’re away.

Business Travel

Write it down

  • Take the time to write down any important notes from your meetings and make a to-do-list for when you get back. Also, track anything about your trip that either went well or didn’t go to plan, so you have some feedback for your travel booker next time they book a trip.

Rest and refresh

  • Lastly, give yourself a break. As counterintuitive as it seems, finding an appropriate time to rest your mind will help you work to your best potential when you get home. Either catch up on some sleep or delve into the in-flight entertainment system.


Travelling for business doesn’t have to throw off your, or your colleagues’, productivity levels.  Use these tips to stay on the ball the next time your work takes you away from the office.


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