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Benefits of having a flexible work policy

Did you know that the average UK employee spends 400 days of their life commuting to work?

With statistics like this, it’s not surprising that 8 out of 10 workers would opt for flexible work should the opportunity be presented to them. While the benefit of flexible work for employees is evident, many are unaware of the £11.5 billion economic benefit this culture has to the economy.

By the time an employee is ready to retire, they will have spent on average £135,00 on transport to work, and if you commute to London each day – you can expect that figure to reach £200,000. 

While flexible work could collectively save UK commuters billions on transport cost, it also allows for more productive use of available working hours and provides a strong incentive for the nation’s unemployed or unengaged work population to re-engage with the workforce.  

The infographic below highlights just some of the many benefits for businesses who implement a flexible work policy for their employees. 

Benefits of flexible work infographic (click to enlarge)

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