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Blog: Artificial Intelligence and its ramifications for business

24 April 2017
The world is changing fast and no more so than in the world of robotics, or artificial intelligence (AI). The ‘narrow’ AI solutions we have now are already giving us self-driving cars, smart buildings, Siri and IBM’s chess-playing computer, for...

Blog: Business Travel Guide to Paris

10 April 2017
This Business Travel Guide to Paris is provided in interview with Scott Alboni, CTM UK/EU Marketing Director. Scott Alboni is based in CTM’s European head office in London, and travels frequently to Paris on business. All opinions and...

Insights: 7 Technologies changing business travel in 2017

27 March 2017
1. Biometrics The launch of the first biometric-enabled single passenger token in 2015 is considered to be a pivotal moment for biometrics in the air transport industry. From that moment, biometrics has been viewed as an opportunity to revolutionise...

Blog: Business Travel Guide - Hong Kong

14 March 2017
  This Business Travel Guide is provided in interview with Larry Lo, CTM CEO Asia. Larry Lo has lived and worked in Hong Kong for 20 years. All opinions and recommendations are the interviewee’s own. CTM recommends all travellers conduct their own...

Insights: Corporate Travel Outlook 2017

20 February 2017
The basic demands of corporate travel have changed very little in over a decade, as businesses and their travellers continue to look for ways to reduce the cost of travel, improve efficiencies and productivity, and maximise traveller safety. Our...

Blog: Five reasons to...adopt a self-booking tool

02 February 2017
There’s no doubt that technology is a critical element of managing business travel and clients are demanding more innovative tools and automation to meet the needs of their increasingly tech-savvy travellers. But corporates shouldn’t necessarily...

Blog: How to benchmark your meeting rates

10 October 2016
According to C&IT magazine, around 0.5% of all corporate revenue is spent on meetings and events. In the UK that equates to £19.9 billion a year on meetings and conferences alone. Little wonder that corporates want to know their money is being spent...

Blog: The effect of Leisure Travel on Business Travel

24 August 2016
 When you consider that 70% of all travel around the globe is for leisure purposes, with business travel making up just 30%, it is inevitable that some of the trends driving the former will filter down into the latter.In reality, it’s not so much...

Blog: Uber-scrap - black cab vs disruptors in a corporate travel programme

07 June 2016
How much does your company spend on taxis? The GBTA Foundation estimates that 24% of most organisations’ ground transport costs relate to taxis. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a lot of money. After all, the BBC’s spent £21m on taxis in 2014...

Blog: UK and Global Economic Outlook

25 May 2016
The ITM Conference 2016 kicked off with an industry ‘drill down’; a top ten run down of issues that the ITM membership community have identified as key for the upcoming year including stakeholder engagement, distribution, and accessing content,...
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