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Insights: Corporate Travel Outlook 2017

02 February 2017
The basic demands of corporate travel have changed very little in over a decade, as businesses and their travellers continue to look for ways to reduce the cost of travel, improve efficiencies and productivity, and maximise traveller safety. Our...

Blog: Five reasons to...adopt a self-booking tool

02 February 2017
There’s no doubt that technology is a critical element of managing business travel and clients are demanding more innovative tools and automation to meet the needs of their increasingly tech-savvy travellers. But corporates shouldn’t necessarily...

Blog: How to benchmark your meeting rates

10 October 2016
According to C&IT magazine, around 0.5% of all corporate revenue is spent on meetings and events. In the UK that equates to £19.9 billion a year on meetings and conferences alone. Little wonder that corporates want to know their money is being spent...

Blog: The effect of Leisure Travel on Business Travel

08 August 2016
 When you consider that 70% of all travel around the globe is for leisure purposes, with business travel making up just 30%, it is inevitable that some of the trends driving the former will filter down into the latter.In reality, it’s not so much...

Blog: Uber-scrap - black cab vs disruptors in a corporate travel programme

06 June 2016
How much does your company spend on taxis? The GBTA Foundation estimates that 24% of most organisations’ ground transport costs relate to taxis. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a lot of money. After all, the BBC’s spent £21m on taxis in 2014...

Blog: UK and Global Economic Outlook

05 May 2016
The ITM Conference 2016 kicked off with an industry ‘drill down’; a top ten run down of issues that the ITM membership community have identified as key for the upcoming year including stakeholder engagement, distribution, and accessing content,...

8 Steps to create the ideal traveller experience

05 May 2016
A couple of years back, Entrepreneur magazine magazine described business travel as “a form of triage, a never-ending quest for the least objectionable. “ Travel managers might not entirely agree, especially as they are all striving for the ultimate...

Top 5 social trends affecting business travel

05 May 2016
  ITM 2016 kicked off this year with ITM's CEO, Simone Buckley opening with the top 5 social trends that are affecting us. Simone’s introduction was inspired by Daniel Levine, global trends and innovation expert. Rate yourself: We are now part of an...

Brexitology: What’s the future for business travel in an non-EU UK?

05 May 2016
23rd June – on this day in 1997, the Dow Jones Index fell by a record 192.7 points. What will the same date in 2016 be remembered for? It’s the day that Britain decides whether to stay or leave the European Union. Nobody knows for sure the precise...

The Perfect Pre-Trip Approval Process

03 March 2016
What the perfect pre-trip approval process should look like… Pre-trip approval is the process that enables corporates to exercise maximum control of travel policy by requiring approval to be given for each business trip before it takes place. The...
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