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Business Travel Guide to London

05 December 2017
   This Business Travel Guide to London is provided in interview with Debbie Carling, CTM’s CEO       Europe.  Debbie has lived and worked in London for most of her life, and has more than 30 years’ experience in the   business travel industry....

Business Travel Guide to Singapore

08 November 2017
This Business Travel Guide to Singapore is provided in interview with Eugene Tan, CTM’s General Manager Singapore. Eugene is responsible for the overall management of CTM’s Singapore operations, bringing more than 15 years of experience in the...

Top gadgets for travellers

06 November 2017
A round-up of the newest gadgets to help your travellers travel from A to B in comfort, style and with their sanity in check.  

Ultimate business travel packing guide

17 October 2017
From personal care items to the business essentials, there’s a lot to think about when packing your suitcase for business travel, with only so much weight allowance for carry-on luggage. Knowing how to pack efficiently and effectively for business...

Blog: Business Travel Guide to Sydney

18 September 2017
  This Business Travel Guide to Sydney is provided in interview with Glenn Wilcox, CTM’s General Manager New South Wales, Australia. Glenn manages CTM’s operations in New South Wales, Australia, based out of CTM’s Sydney office. Originally from...

Smooth landing: A few simple tips to help reduce your jet lag.

11 September 2017
Are you a business traveller and find yourself extremely tired or struggling to deal with jet lag?  From downloading apps to diet and hydration we have put together some top tips on how to avoid or at least reduce jet lag.   1. Diet, Hydration and...

Blog: How are wearables transforming business travel in 2017

10 August 2017
The market for wearable technology, such as smartwatches and VR headsets, continues to soar and find new niches. Predictions have growth annualised at anywhere between 18 – 25% reaching levels of 70-130 million units per annum by 2021. While the...

Blog: Growing a global company with Jamie Pherous

04 August 2017
Growing a global company by CTM on Vimeo. CTM’s Founder and Managing Director, Jamie Pherous, presented at Business News Australia’s breakfast event on 14 July 2017 at Bond University. Jamie discussed CTM’s growth trajectory and shared his...

Blog: Building a Future-Proof Travel Policy

27 July 2017
OUR TIPS FOR BUILDING A FUTURE-PROOF TRAVEL POLICY                               Be creative There’s more to savings than negotiated supplier discounts and corporate add-ons. As supplier margins get infinitely slimmer it’s increasingly important to...

Blog: Business Travel Guide to Shanghai

20 July 2017
  This Business Travel Guide to Shanghai is provided in interview with Glenn Yuen, General Manager CTM China. Glenn Yuen manages CTM’s business operations in China, and has worked for CTM / Westminster Travel since 2009. He has lived in China for...
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